July 20, 2017

On-Demand Trucking: The Birth of Uber Freight

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Ride-sharing service Uber has officially entered the freight transportation market. The San Francisco-based company has taken the first step toward automating trucker jobs with the launch of its Uber Freight application dedicated to match truckers and small logistics companies with loads to haul. Uber Freight gives independent truckers full autonomy. Through the smartphone app truckers can sign-on for loads, track cargo in real-time, and get paid easily, faster, within seven days, and right at their fingertips. How the app works

Through the iOS or Android application vetted users can search for loads and tap on their smartphones to book the chosen loads. In a matter of seconds, the user receives a rate confirmation. Eric Berdinis, product manager at Uber Freight explains on a blog post that this eliminates “a common anxiety in trucking about whether or not the load is really confirmed.”

An important feature of the application is that Uber Freight commits to paying truckers within a few days and fee-free. There are accessorial rates that are paid when drivers must wait longer than expected. Big logistics companies such as UPS and FedEx have been heavily investing on new technologies to enhance their trucking business. However, Uber is directly […]

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