July 23, 2017

Meet the startup helping doctors find office space

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Are you a dentist, therapist or chiropractor looking to find part-time office space? Or a healthcare realtor attempting to sell unused offices? Clineeds can lend a hand.

The Chicago, Illinois-based startup initially launched in 2015, but altered its model and relaunched in July 2016. Today, everyone from healthcare professionals to commercial brokers to healthcare organizations can locate, lease and sell healthcare office space and practices using Clineeds’ platform.

The impetus behind Clineeds came after Rishi Garg, a neurologist, and Sumul Gandhi, a dermatologist, completed their fellowships. Though they were both interested in private practice, they found many realtors didn’t have the type of office space they were seeking.

“There really is no centralized database,” Garg said in a recent phone interview. “That was where this whole idea came about. We needed to create this for healthcare professionals.”

And that’s exactly what they did.

Currently, there are more than 6,000 healthcare professionals and brokers using Clineeds’ website. Physicians, nutritionists, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers can find lab space, treatment rooms and more via the platform. Clineeds is also home to medical, physical therapy and veterinary practices for sale, as well as numerous healthcare job listings.While users can find space across the United States, Garg noted […]

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