July 25, 2017

Make gains in the Gig Economy

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As the gig economy continues to expand, opportunities for informal and short-term work are appearing in many sectors. And while some seek the flexibility and a chance to earn extra money, others are finding project-based work is a great way to gain experience in a new field.

Far more than just odd jobs and driving for Uber, gig economy jobs are now expanding in white-collar professions and the skilled trades. Chris Reffett, senior vice president with MS Companies, says workers can even find day assignments with industrial companies, advanced manufacturers and high-tech firms seeking to meet their labor needs. Much as project-based gigs enable employers to “test drive” workers, these opportunities allow workers to see if such industries or careers are right for them, Reffett says.

“People can try a job, industry or something that has always been intriguing to them and do it without a [long-term] commitment,” Reffett says. “It benefits both companies and workers.”

MS Companies connects gig workers with major employers in the automotive, consumer goods manufacturing, energy and tech industries. Reffett says many companies are seeking to supplement their seasonal demands with additional labor, also giving workers the opportunity to try a day at positions that have historically […]

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