July 21, 2017

L.A. vacation rentals shouldn’t be over-regulated

Los Angeles from Santa Ana Freeway
By Pag293 at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Vacation rentals are in my blood, and in the DNA of Los Angeles.

For nearly 50 years, my family has owned cottages on Long Island that they offered as vacation rentals. In that time, I’ve seen the impact whole-home vacation rentals have not only on the owner, but on the families that use rentals to experience vacations together.

Though my experience with vacation rentals began during crabbing and fishing trips along the Eastern Shore, their impact stayed with me as I moved 3,000 miles to the West Coast. The memories made in those rentals spurred my desire to rent my property to guests and give them those same experiences — experiences we couldn’t have had in a traditional hotel environment.

It is not just the memories that make short-term rentals so valuable. The income from those cottages helped to pay the mortgage on my grandmother’s home, and sent relatives to college. This is the case for many families across Los Angeles County who depend on vacation rental income to make ends meet.

As executive director of the Los Angeles Short Term Rental Alliance, I’ve been fortunate not only to connect with guests of all backgrounds in my own property but to […]

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