July 20, 2017

How To Make Your Supply Chain As Simple As A Sandwich (SaaS)

Plastic parts are served from the automatic injection machine
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“What do you do for a living?” is a question I am constantly asked. Easy enough, until I answer, “I work for an online CNC machining platform for manufacturers, engineers and designers — pretty much anyone who needs to get parts made.”

It’s an answer that typically generates a blank stare. “Have you heard of Uber? Hotel Tonight ? Lyft?” The blank stare continues but is accompanied now by a nod of familiarity. I continue, “We do kind of the same thing. People in need of parts get online and use our platform to place orders for those parts on CNC machines that we have access to all around the country. We’re basically an online supply chain.”

An online supply chain. Now who would want that?

What if every time you wanted a sandwich, you had to drive to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients. Wouldn’t that get old? Wouldn’t you long for some way to make getting and eating a sandwich simpler so you could spend all that time you wasted driving and shopping on other, more important, things?

Just as refrigerators enable simple sandwiches, MakeTime enables simple CNC machining . Instead of sending out and waiting on multiple […]

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