July 25, 2017

How to be responsible in a sharing economy

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There’s a whole new economy out there. The standard method of doing jobs for businesses or agencies and getting paid for those jobs is moving to make room for the sharing economy.

In the sharing economy, rather than businesses selling goods and services to consumers, individuals provide these services and are paid, peer to peer. You might rent your home on Airbnb, drive for Uber or provide a task for someone through TaskRabbit. These are three of the big names in the sharing economy.

A Time magazine survey of 3,000 people done in November 2015 found 22 percent of these Americans had earned money through the sharing economy. Some of those in the survey reported they received as much as 40 percent of their income from the sharing economy.

Here in Alaska, ride-sharing businesses such as Lyft and Uber are just getting started. Renting a home or an apartment through Airbnb or HomeAway is another common way people are participating in the sharing economy. Last week, one of my sons, who lives in the Denver area, rented a car from an individual through a ride-sharing platform. The sharing economy provides many avenues for those providing the services and for those […]

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