July 25, 2017

Work in the time of the Gig economy

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Priya (37 yo) holds a Project Management job in an IT services company. She worked 12 hour days. Her husband’s job required frequent travel, so she had no support looking after her two kids and her work life included a ‘not-so-nice’ boss. Priya was burning out. She had often considered moving jobs, but other jobs didn’t offer her the salary she was drawing. She had even considered changing her career altogether and teach art, a dream that she was sure would remain just that..A DREAM!!

Then one day, she met her cousin’s friend Roy(25 yo) at a party. He was networking at the party with several guests and handing out business cards. Priya assumed that with his long hair, the boy was announcing the days when his rock band would be playing. When she took the card from him, it announced him as a “Freelance Creative Writer – (Freelancer.com & Upwork’) on one side and “Drummer”on the other. While Priya was pleased that her assumption of the ponytailed stereotype had been correct, she wondered what the other side of the card communicated. She was visibly confused.

Roy is part of what is known as the freelancer management system in the ‘gig […]

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