June 24, 2017

With Uber in chaos, is this Lyft’s time to shine?

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Image Courtesy of Lyft

Some drivers work for both Lyft and Uber. Uber has for years dominated the ride-hailing market, its brand nearly synonymous with an industry that has reshaped how many people get around. Coming in at a distant second — marked by a pink logo and billing itself as a better option for drivers — has been Lyft.

Today . . . well, today Lyft is still a distant second. But the gap has narrowed as Uber Technologies Inc. has been mired in a months-long corporate crisis highlighted by claims of sexual harassment at corporate offices and a series of leadership gaffes that led chief executive Travis Kalanick to take a leave of absence this week .

In Boston and across the country, Lyft has enjoyed a significant uptick in rides since early this year, when the maelstrom of bad news began at Uber.

In late January, Lyft accounted for about 17.3 percent of rides in the United States, and 14 percent in Boston, according to TXN Solutions, a San Francisco company that tracks credit card purchases. But a week later, after a #DeleteUber social media campaign went viral, Lyft’s share jumped by more than 4 percent both in Boston and across the country. […]

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