July 25, 2017

With Ola Money payments delayed, Chennai drivers force customers to pay cash or go without cabs

Ola driver smiling out the window of the cab
Image Courtesy of Ola

The government may dream of a cashless country, but for Ola consumers in Chennai going cashless is turning into a major ordeal.

For some weeks now, several commuters report that the first question they get asked when hailing a cab is “Ola Money or cash?” And if they should pick the e-wallet option, cab drivers immediately cancel the ride and ask them to find another cab.

As a result, commuters say they face a hard choice between running around to the nearest ATM after every ride or waiting for a long time to find a driver willing to accept Ola Money.

Selvi, a frequent Ola customer, says that “I’m often left stranded because drivers cancel the ride once I tell them I’m paying by Ola Money. It takes time to rebook and wait for another cab, which is especially troublesome at night.”

Suranjan, another regular commuter, says, “I maintain a balance for Ola Money, but if drivers don’t accept these payments, it lies idle. I end up having to spend cash when I prefer not to.”

Multiple Ola drivers allege that they are forced to refuse rides because Ola does not reimburse their daily earnings on time. According to company policy, “all [..] outstanding […]

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