July 25, 2017

Why An Award-Winning Seattle Chef Gave Up On Restaurants And Joined Munchery

Munchery dish
Image Courtesy of Munchery

Caprial Pence and her husband John ran popular Northwest restaurants and hosted a PBS show. Now she’s joined up with Munchery.

We’ve known for a while that the restaurant industry is having a tough time finding cooks and other staff to work in its kitchens. Lately, well-known chefs are walking out kitchen doors, too, and pursing other cooking paths.

One of Seattle’s most prominent food figures is among them. James Beard Award-winning chef Caprial Pence is now the culinary director for the Seattle and Portland branches of Munchery, a dinner delivery service that also is available in 40 cities across the United States, mainly on the East and West coasts.

Instead of dealing with the high pressure of a kitchen, orders come in online via Munchery’s website or app. And instead of serving finished plates of food, Pence is sending out boxes for diners to warm up or consume cold without cooking.

The dinner delivery business is the latest step for Pence, 53, who has worked in all manner of culinary jobs. Besides her years in kitchens, she has taught cooking classes, given food seminars and hosted private wine dinners. She says she was never interested in doing one […]

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