July 20, 2017

Uber’s Wild Psychological Ride Continues

Uber Greenlight Hub. Uber Drivers can get in-person support at a Greenlight Hub II
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Following behavioral issues at Uber can leave you breathless; and the psychology that underlies that behavior will be a major driver of the future return to its stock.

The most recent drama centers on the changing role of Uber’s Travis Kalanick, whose vision, energy, and problematic behavioral traits disrupted the global taxi industry in less than a decade, and produced a company with a market cap of about $70 billion that operates in more than 70 countries. And Kalanick’s recent firing as the company’s CEO certainly qualifies as drama, taking place as it did in a Chicago hotel room with two of Uber’s major investors, Matt Cohler and Peter Fenton from the Silicon Valley firm Benchmark.

My book Behavioral Risk Management describes a dual structure for analyzing the psychology of risk taking; and that dual structure strongly applies to Kalanick and how Uber operates. The duality focuses on the following two questions: First, how […]

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