June 25, 2017

Uber X-odus: All The Execs Who Have Left The Company In 2017

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On Wednesday, it emerged that the e-hail giant’s head of finance Guatam Gupta is resigning this summer, making him the 10th high-level person to leave the company this year—and the third exec to leave this week alone.

Reports of Gupta’s imminent departure for another San Francisco company came with news that Uber lost $708 million in the first quarter of 2017, with revenues hitting $3.4 billion. That’s an improvement, a step toward profitability, the company says: Last quarter losses totaled $991 million.

Despite reducing its losses, Uber is having a rough year. Since January, it has been bedeviled with scandal. It lost some 200,000 customers in New York after it was perceived to be breaking up a strike outside JFK airport around the President’s immigration order. Then came reports from a former employee of pervasive sexual harassment at Uber offices abetted by a poorly run human resources department. Another story about Uber executives liaising with Korean escorts further reinforced the idea that Uber has a culture problem. And then there is the lawsuit with Google over the company’s autonomous technology, which some believe could lead to Uber’s undoing (and which led this week to another executive’s firing). All the while, top […]

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