June 25, 2017

Uber — how do you make it likable?

Travis Kalanick, the founder of Uber, photographed at BBC Broadcasting House in October 2014
By cellanr [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Bozoma Saint John. Uber’s first step toward humanity? If you ask many people in the tech industry about Uber , you’ll see curling of upper lips and clenching of fists.

So when Uber hired Apple Music marketing executive Bozoma Saint John to be its first chief brand officer on Tuesday, some might have wondered why she would do it. (Shortly after they tried to dismiss a thought about the money, that is.)

Saint John gave a small clue in an interview with Business Insider . She said there was no such thing as the Uber brand. Instead: “It’s a magical product. People love to use it.”

This is wise. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has managed to make (and earn) the sorts of headlines that would make many a self-aware CEO wince with shame. Relatively few, I suspect, in the outside world have paid that much attention. Or, at least, have cared enough.

If they had, Uber would have endured far greater  […]

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