June 28, 2017

Uber Enters Logistics Industry With Uber Freight

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After disrupting the taxi industry, ride-sharing startup Uber Technologies, Inc. is taking aim at the freight industry. Yesterday, the San Francisco-based company announced Uber Freight , an app that connects trucking companies and drivers with shippers.

The new app’s workflow and interface is similar to the one that Uber uses for its ride-sharing services. This means that, after downloading the app, users (in this case, shippers) will be able to view nearby drivers vetted by the company and book loads. The app sends a rate confirmation “within seconds.” Uber also promises to pay trucking companies within seven days, a substantial improvement from the usual 30-35 days required for payment. In its blog post, Uber stated that it had built a team of industry experts, leading technologists and truck drivers to “push the industry forward.”

The trucking industry had record revenues of $726 billion in 2015 but is expected to face weak demand this year.

Much like its earlier app, the company has cast its move into the freight industry as one that aims to “level the playing field” between drivers and suppliers by removing freight brokers, who are generally responsible for connecting drivers with suppliers […]

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