July 23, 2017

Uber denies Alphabet’s claim that it attempted to steal important files

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The legal saga between Alphabet and Uber continues. Uber is now disputing Alphabet’s claims that anyone knew Anthony Levandowski — a former executive of both companies — stole proprietary information before his startup was acquired by the ride-hail firm.

For the first time, Uber laid out in detail the case it plans to make during the impending trial to show that Levandowski neither told anyone at Uber that he had downloaded any proprietary information from Alphabet’s car division, Waymo, as alleged, nor was asked to do so by company executives.

Alphabet is suing Uber for misappropriation of trade secrets, alleging that Levandowski stole 14,000 files including proprietary information before leaving to join the ride-hail company. To date, Alphabet has conducted eight inspections of Uber’s facilities and equipment in both San Francisco and Pittsburgh, for a total of 55 hours.

The core of Uber’s argument is that it went to great lengths to deter Levandowski from bringing any information over from Alphabet. That involved including a clause in Levandowski’s employment agreement that explicitly prohibited him from doing so.

“[Levandowski] signed an employment agreement with Uber in which he promised not to “use or disclose any trade secrets or other proprietary information or intellectual property […]

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