June 28, 2017

The six looming legal threats that could sink Uber, according to lawyers

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While the closure of internal workplace culture probes could mark a new beginning for some employees, Uber is still haunted by plenty of its old ways, especially on the legal front. With several lawsuits playing out in courts across the country, lawyers told CNBC the company still has plenty of work ahead of it.

Here are six of the biggest legal threats ahead for the company, according to lawyers.

Perhaps most salient is the recent release of Uber’s workplace culture investigations, one of which resulted in the dismissal of at least 20 employees. Another probe resulted in a 13-page list of recommendations for overhauling the company.

The company investigated 215 claims: 54 of discrimination, 47 of sexual harassment, 45 of unprofessional behavior, 33 of bullying, 19 of other harassment, 13 of retaliation, 3 of physical security and 1 wrongful termination claim.

While Uber has taken steps to make sure these incidents don’t repeat themselves, sexual harassment does not work like bankruptcy, said Phil Bezanson, white collar partner at Bracewell.”Just because they are doing their best going forward, doesn’t erase liability for things they have done in the […]

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