July 23, 2017

The ‘Feminist’ Spinoffs of the Sharing Economy Are Not So Much

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Safety is a significant issue for any worker—especially for women who share cars with strangers. But protecting working women, passengers and drivers alike, means far more than preventing individual violent attacks. A resounding critique of the laissez-faire ridesharing industry is its lack of safety standards.

On a regular basis, Uber and Lyft are the focus of headlines announcing violent attacks , sexual assault, and rape committed against drivers and passengers alike. To make matters worse, the companies in question are often more likely to ignore such violations than to correct their policies in the fallout—an issue whose visibility has recently grown with the resignation of Travis Kalanick , the former CEO of Uber.

In response to this, a number of alternative ridesharing companies have surfaced in recent months. Safr, See Jane Go, and other similar startups claim to offer services “designed just for women.” Predicated on the notion that women are the most vulnerable participants in the rideshare economy, they hire exclusively or predominantly female drivers, prioritize (and sometimes exclusively permit) female passengers, purport to pay “above industry standard,” and boast extensive background checks.

To the delight of technophiles who lament the notoriously male, cartoonishly septic culture of Uber and […]

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