June 28, 2017

Southampton Town May Consider Looser Rental Code Allowing For Airbnb, VRBO Short-Term Rentals

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Southampton Town officials recently said the town may one day change rental laws to allow residents to list their homes for short-term rentals on websites like Airbnb and VRBO—but for now the practice is illegal with only a few exceptions.

There are certain circumstances that allow for short-term rentals in the town, said Southampton Town Attorney James Burke. If a home is owner-occupied, up to two bedrooms can be rented in the house. However, that rental has to be at least two weeks long and can occur only twice per season. A full house rental requires homeowners to get an additional rental permit through the town, although that too is subject to the two-week minimum stay.

“Part of it is to try and have stability,” explained Mr. Burke of the local ordinance. “Here, we’re blessed that it’s a place where people want to go, but it can be a burden on the surrounding neighborhood, sometimes.”

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman said the restrictions in the town code may need to be reviewed to strengthen the rental market and allow for more legal rentals from sites like Airbnb.

“I look at Airbnb the same way I look at Uber,” the supervisor said, referring to […]

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