June 28, 2017

Salesforce CMO: Technology is here to solve healthcare’s longstanding problems

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Salesforce doesn’t only work in healthcare. What prompted the company to move into the healthcare space?

The thing most people don’t know is that we’ve been in healthcare for our entire existence. We started out selling tools to pharma companies and device companies. Payers were also using us to sell to groups and employers. Everyone was using us for sales.

The motivation to do the kinds of things we’re talking about with Health Cloud came from seeing a whole bunch of customers taking Salesforce, customizing it and using it with patients. What sets Health Cloud apart from similar solutions or competitors? As far as who the other players are, they’re the big EMR vendors. They’re the little startups. There are some other big technology companies out there. We sit in between all of them. We have a sweet spot between the root level servers and a fully purpose-built application. We have […]

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