June 22, 2017


Male Cyclist With Courier Bag Using Mobile Phone On Street
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E-commerce and the use of apps are increasingly important in the lives of millions of people, some that have gained much popularity in recent years are the applications of service of transfers like Uber, Lyft, Cabify, Carrot, among others.

One item that is starting to charge more and more relevance is that of the Food Delivery because they are already many brands that, originally had no presence in this service and are now betting to offer it to their customers.

Now another proposal is added. These are Rappi and Cabify who join in a cross-branding to create a new joint product that is called Rappify and will allow users of either platform to access the service through a button in both applications.

“This partnership we close with Cabify (…) is a way in which we can consent to our users, providing them with a new platform […]

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