June 22, 2017

Man Claims Roscoe Dash Was His Lyft Driver

Lyft app on iPhone
Image Courtesy of Lyft

Craig Bromley, Getty Images Is “can’t knock the hustle” still a thing? It might be, but not when you’re a rap star who’s inconveniencing your client while working as a part time Lyft driver. That’s something one Atlanta man is accusing Roscoe Dash of doing.

Just hours ago, the disgruntled Lyft client used his Twitter account to air out his beef with a driver he believes to be Dash, who’ll forever be remembered for his contribution to Waka Flocka’s Flockaveli track, “ No Hands .”

“This nigga rosoce dash canceled my lyft and I had some where to be! so you just for inconvenience me, Ima expose you a lyft driver now,” the man wrote on Twitter.

Attached to his tweet is a screenshot of his Lyft route, which includes an image of a man named Jeffrey, who drives a Chevrolet Tahoe and carries a stellar 4.9 star rating on the app. In the image, we see search results for Jeffrey Lee Johnson, Jr., and see Dash’s name listed next to it. In the next, we see a screenshot of Dash’s Instagram account, where several images of Dash pop up in the first row.

There’s definitely a resemblance, but we can’t confirm the […]

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