June 22, 2017

Lyft, nuTonomy could bring self-driving cars to Boston this summer

Boston Financial District skyline
By Nelson48 at English Wikipedia (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Get ready for self-driving Lyft cars in Boston’s near future. Lyft recently partnered with nuTonomy, a software developer for driverless cars, to produce self-driving cars for Lyft passenger pickup.

The Boston Herald reports that both Lyft and nuTonomy have been working with Boston officials on regulations and if approved, customers could take driverless cars within a few months.

The testing program in Boston is the first step to launching self-driving cars in other major cities. Logan Green, co-founder and CEO of Lyft, said the company is looking to implement “thousands of nuTonomy cares on the Lyft platform,” according to the Boston Herald.

Since the beginning of the year, nuTonomy has been testing three autonomous cars in Boston’s Seaport area . Lyft’s testing program will also take place in Boston’s Seaport district, according to the press release.

The testing program will be used to gain more information on performance for autonomous vehicle mobility in city driving and provide Lyft with an understanding of the user experience. The Boston testing program will provide Lyft with an understanding of the user experience during driverless rides and will determine the performance of driverless vehicles in urban environments.

Uber, Lyft’s competitor, has already been testing self-driving vehicles in certain […]

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