June 24, 2017

Lyft and Nutonomy partner to bring first self-driving Lyft service to Boston

lyft amp in windshield
Image Courtesy of Lyft

Lyft has another partners in the world of autonomous vehicles, its third behind GM and Waymo if you’re keeping count. The newest partner is Nutonomy, the Boston-based autonomous vehicle technology company that made waves by being first to real roads with a self-driving taxi – thanks to a team-up with Singapore’s economic development board. Now, Nutonomy and Lyft are launching a self-driving ride hailing service closer to home – in Boston, where a pilot project will see a couple cars begin picking up riders sometime in the coming months.

During a press call to discuss the new partnership, Lyft co-founder and CEO Logan Green noted that his company believes ride sharing will account for “over 80 percent of all miles traveled” within a couple of decades, and that the way this will happen is via autonomous vehicle tech. That’s why it’s entering into this partnership with Nutonomy, he said, which, in its first stage, will focus on the passenger experience.

Both Nutonomy and Lyft are relatively inexperienced when it comes to actually transporting passengers in self-driving vehicles, as Nutonomy CEO and co-founder Karl Iagnemma noted on the call. So, too, is basically everyone, however, since this is relatively untrod territory.

“We don’t […]

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