June 24, 2017

Instacart to launch Oklahoma City service

Instacart shopper in dairy isle
Image Courtesy of Instacart

This is what Instacart’s app for one of its partner stores in one of its markets looks like on an Android smartphone. [Image provided by Instacart] Another company that delivers online ordered groceries to your door will begin operating in the Oklahoma City area this month, and it’s teaming up with a local grocer, it’s announced.

Instacart said it is launching its same-day delivery service on June 22 for Homeland customers.

It announced it also will be delivering to Oklahoma City area customers who shop at Petco, and for customers who shop at two other food stores in the area that operate nationally.

The relationships between Instacart and the two other food retailers couldn’t be confirmed Thursday.

Instacart officials said they will provide delivery service initially to more than 300,000 area households, and that the company plans to hire more than 100 shoppers to provide the service.

Nilam Ganenthiran, Instacart’s chief business officer, said Thursday that the delivery service’s agreement with Homeland and numerous hits on Instacart’s website from Oklahoma City area consumers are among the reasons why the company is moving into the market now.But he said agreements Instacart executes with its partnering stores are critical, as those set the framework to allow […]

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