July 25, 2017

Inside Google’s ‘Moonshot’ Project That Aims to Succeed Where Lyft Failed: Waze Carpool

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Image Courtesy of Waze

Google is putting its reputation on the line with a new carpool service from the Israeli-developed traffic app it bought four years ago, Waze, that doesn’t require a background check on drivers and doesn’t pay drivers beyond the cost of gas money.

The app was founded in Israel in 2007 as a way to let users input traffic hazards or slowdowns. Google bought it in June 2013 for $966 million and released an additional Carpool version of the app in May 2016 in Silicon Valley before expanding to San Francisco. On June 6, the service was expanded to all of California.

“This is definitely a moonshot project for Google,” said Josh Fried, Head of Waze Carpool.

Fried said he joined Waze from Google , where he served as head of business development for Google Shopping, two years ago because he was attracted to the big risk Google was taking on the project. The pipeline of Googlers into Waze is pretty big because Googlers tend to be “rebellious” and are attracted to working on a big risk/big reward project like Waze Carpool, Fried said.

Di-Ann Eisnor, director of growth for Waze, has been with the company for eight years and […]

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