June 25, 2017

Fast-Food Chains, Upscale Restaurants Want to Bring You Lunch

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Restaurants are no longer treating lunchtime delivery as an afterthought.

With online-ordering apps proliferating and many customers cutting down on eating out for lunch, the industry — from fast-food chains to upscale restaurateurs — is looking for ways to bring food to patrons without compromising their eating experience.

Wendy’s Co. recently signed up with delivery service DoorDash Inc. to offer delivery in parts of Ohio and Texas, with plans to expand nationally within the year. “We fundamentally believe food at home is our number one competitor,” Wendy’s Chief Concept and Marketing Officer Kurt Kane said in a recent interview.

Rival McDonald’s Corp. is now offering delivery in more than 2,000 U.S. restaurants using Uber Technologies Inc. “Restaurant delivery is a $100 billion dollar market, and it’s exploding,” Lucy Brady, McDonald’s senior vice president of corporate strategy and business development, told investors in March.

But enticing customers to order in at lunch, which has been a tough spot for burger chains in particular, remains difficult. McDonald’s Chief Executive Steve Easterbrook told investors on Wednesday that 60% of the chain’s delivery orders come in the evening and late at night.

Getting burger delivery right — keeping the patty warm and juicy, while preventing toppings from getting […]

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