June 22, 2017

Capital Region drivers line up for Uber and Lyft

UBER partners waiting to be entertained at Kuala Lumpur Partners' Service Centre. UBER is a rideshare facility where users can earn money by becoming a driver.
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Kevin Dowd of Troy talks with Aaron Felton of Uber as he signs up to drive for the company. Prospective drivers and their would-be employers are gearing up for ride-sharing in upstate New York, where it is expected to start happening June 29.

Two of the biggest ride-sharing networks, Uber and Lyft, expect to be up and running on day 1, and many businesses are just as eager to see them start rolling in upstate. The area of New York outside of New York City was one of the few parts of the country where ride-sharing has not allowed, and there was a hard-fought campaign by the restaurant, entertainment and hospitality industries to change that.

“Most of the country and world has ridesharing,” said Mark Eagan, CEO of the Capital Region Chamber. “It’s sort of a convenience that people expect today […]

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