June 28, 2017

Bengaluru: Ola auto driver pushes out CEO from vehicle, makes away with luggage

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The app-based Ola auto rickshaw was hired by the victim and the incident happened after the driver refused to drop him at the destination.

According to Amaresh Kumar, his wife had booked an Ola auto rickshaw for him. He was picked up by Rudreshiva Gowda from DLF New Town and was supposed to be dropped to his house on Sarjapura Main Road.

During the journey, the auto driver kept on saying that the destination was far and he could not drive for such a long distance. At around 9.15 pm, the driver stopped the vehicle, a few kilometres away from the destination and sped away after pushing out Kumar from the auto rickshaw.Kumar could not take his belongings which included a tab, a bag and Rs 7,500 cash as he was pushed out from the auto suddenly.Soon after the incident, Kumar asked his wife to press the […]

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