June 25, 2017

Ben Gurion taxi drivers considering strike over mandatory 12% fare discount

Gett Driver Details Screen
Image Courtesy of Gett

Starting Monday, the Israel Airports Authority (IAA) is considering requiring taxi drivers who want to wait on the first floor of Ben Gurion Airport—immediately after passengers leave the baggage claim area—to offer a 12% discount in fare.

Drivers who are not inclined to offer such a discount will be required to wait on the second floor, which is considered less convenient for travelers, who can only access the area by stairs or the elevator. Ben Gurion taxis Some taxi drivers, who claim that the price is too low after the fare was reduced by 7% last year, say they intend to strike due to what they call a “unilateral decision whose legality is in doubt.”

The IAA is considering this step after the tender for a taxi operation at Ben Gurion was cancelled when the two winners of the bidding process—Gett and Hadar-Lod—failed to come to an agreement.

Gett promised to offer a 30% discount to passengers from Ben Gurion, while drivers from the Hadar-Lod station and others refused such an arrangement. As a result, the IAA opened Ben Gurion to business for all drivers, even those who are not offering discounts. Drivers during a meeting One driver who once drove for […]

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