July 21, 2017

Bay Area Airbnb hosts open arms, homes to refugees

Image of San Francisco skyline and busy highway leading to the city
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As the worldwide refugee crisis intensifies and families displaced by violence continue to land in the Bay Area, more than 160 Airbnb landlords are waiting to welcome them and provide a smooth transition to life in the U.S., according to new data released by the home-sharing company.

About 450 Californians signed up to rent their homes for free to refugees and other displaced people before Airbnb launched its Open Homes program earlier this month — including 48 in the South Bay, 41 in the East Bay, and 75 in San Francisco, Airbnb said in advance of World Refugee Day on Tuesday. The South and East Bay numbers have not been previously reported.

The new numbers provide an early glimpse into Airbnb’s Open Homes initiative, and how the startup intends to fulfill its promise of […]

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