June 23, 2017

Airbnb tourist surge: Councils may consider taxes, register to support long-term residents looking to rent

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Two shire councils may consider introducing new measures such as taxes and a property register to help deal with the added tourist pressure from sharing websites like Airbnb.

Councillors with the Hobart City Council and Byron Shire have both raised concerns about the pressures the sharing sites are adding to infrastructure.

Both are tourist hotspots and are facing concerns from locals and welfare groups that there are no longer any affordable homes to rent long-term.

Their concerns echo similar experiences overseas, where some cities have moved to tighten regulations to protect locals.

“I’m hearing that it’s getting very hard to find rental houses in Hobart, and I’ve got no doubt in my mind that Airbnb is one of those pressures,” Hobart Greens councillor Phil Cocker told the ABC.

Mr Cocker said Hobart must consider following the lead of cities such as Barcelona and San Francisco, which have already moved to curb the growth of visitors .”You’ve had riots in Barcelona, you’ve had great big debates in New York and San Francisco, you’ve got other cities who are looking at imposing a taxation system to protect the fabric of the communities there,” he said.”First is registration — a thorough, transparent registration of properties. There needs […]

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