July 20, 2017

Airbnb Hosts Weigh Risks Before Super Bowl

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In about eight months, hundreds of people in the Twin Cities with a spare bed will become hosts to strangers coming to town for the Super Bowl.

It’s an opportunity to cash in. But is it worth it?

“I’ve had people from all over the world stay here,” said Carol Liege, who has been an Airbnb host for more than two years.

She rents out her guest bedroom year-round, but for the big game she is thinking about staying with family and renting out the entire house.

“You double whatever your normal price is, but no more, unless you live within five miles of the stadium, (then) you can triple your price!” Liege said.

The potential pay day is probably tempting, but it comes with a risk.“The place was demolished,” said Heather Harnell, who has nine homes around the city that she rents on Airbnb.Over the Ryder Cup weekend, she returned to a total disaster.A couple guests turned into a massive house party that left the place trashed – broken windows, appliances, electronics, and everything in between.“You feel violated. You feel taken advantage of, and you feel disrespected,” Harnell said.All in all, she absorbed about $14,000 in damages along with one long headache while […]

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