June 28, 2017

Airbnb finally has a solution for their pledge to host 100,000 refugees

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Airbnb has a history of proactively working with its hosts to offer temporary housing in order to help those displaced by crisis. When Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast in 2012, they created the Disaster Response Tool . Earlier this year, the company offered free housing to those in limbo due to Trump’s executive orders that suspended refugee admission and travel to the US from seven majority-Muslim nations . Today, the home-sharing company is launching Open Homes , a platform that aims to unite and simplify their humanitarian efforts under one program to let people host refugees, evacuees, and others in times of need, for free.

Airbnb lets anyone sign up for Open Homes and set parameters for how they choose to participate (days the home is available, number of people to host, etc.). It currently lists four primary causes for hosts to support — refugees, disaster, medical needs, and homeless — and hosts will then be matched with trusted organizations like the International Rescue Committee (IRC) that specialize in these areas of need. The organizations are responsible for vetting the individuals they place, and then making the bookings.

Open Homes solves many of the logistical problems Airbnb has faced in […]

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