June 22, 2017

‘Your ride is over’: Disgusting Lyft passenger blows nose on seat cover, attacks driver

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Image Courtesy of Lyft

This definitely qualifies as a ride from hell.

Lyft driver Michelle Jennings tells WFTS that she picked up 28-year-old Stephanie Young on the night of April 29 in St. Petersburg, Florida. Young appeared to be intoxicated as her friends put her in the car to be taken home.

In the video filmed by Jennings, things quickly escalate when Young becomes belligerent and takes a seat cover off Jennings’ car and blows her nose on it.

“You didn’t offer me anything to blow my nose. Thank you for the seat cover,” Young says, slurring her words.

With a half mile left until they reach the passengers home, Jennings and Young argue back and forth.

“You’re kicking me out just because I don’t have the same skin color as you, b***h,” Young screams.“Your ride is over,” Jennings tells the drunk woman. The minutes-long ride then turns violent when Young starts coughing and spitting on Jennings and then hitting her.According to the Daily Mail, Jennings flags down a security officer in the parking lot and asks him to call the police.Young has been banned from using the ride-sharing app. Jennings posted pictures of her injuries online, including a broken, bloody nail and hair […]

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