July 22, 2017

Wild Ride Recounts How Uber Exploded (in More Ways Than One)

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Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images For most people, Uber exists as one single thing, an app that lets users summon a car to their door in minutes. But behind that is a giant company that — despite its aim to change transportation as we know it — flew by the seat of its pants for most of its early years. In Wild Ride , out later this month, Adam Lashinsky recounts how Travis Kalanick went from reluctant adviser to the CEO of a company worth more than $60 billion, flouting regulations, ignoring public criticism, and charming investors along the way.

What made you want to focus on Uber? Rather than any other Silicon Valley company?
Well, my last book was on Apple. And I wrote that five and a half years ago, and when I did that, I had a conviction it was the most important company, certainly in Silicon Valley, and arguably, in the world. And that wasn’t a terribly controversial assertion. That worked out well for me. I enjoyed that. I got going on this book, actually, something like, four years ago. So Uber was a lot smaller, but it was already this global phenomenon, and I […]

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