July 22, 2017

What is the gig economy?

Gig Economy concept with young woman in a thoughtful pose
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There’s no agreed definition for the ‘gig economy’, but the term is generally used to refer to low-paid, flexible work such as running errands ( TaskRabbit ), giving lifts ( Uber ) or delivery services ( Deliveroo or Hermes ), where people are offered piece-work through a website or app.

Critics have raised concerns about inadequate rates of pay, lack of emergency leave, complicated pay and bonus systems, and poor job security. There’s a debate about whether workers who regularly take these contracts are really self-employed. Even if their contract says that they are, what matters legally is the reality of the working situation.

An employment tribunal recently ruled that Uber drivers are ‘workers’, not self-employed contractors as their contracts stipulated. This gave them basic legal protections , although fewer than a contractual ‘employee’ would have. Uber has appealed against this ruling and the appeal will be heard in September 2017.

There have also been concerns raised about how the tax and […]

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