July 23, 2017

Vacation Rental Managers Don’t Have the Tools to Scale Hospitality

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While the majority of vacation rental managers are most concerned with getting bookings, they’re also increasingly concerned with the quality of the overall guest experience, too.

Realizing that in order to get more repeat and direct business it’s beneficial to offer services like pre-arrival grocery delivery, concierge services, or tours and activities for guests, they’re also finding it to be a logistical challenge, however.

According to a new report , 84 percent of vacation rental managers surveyed said they want to offer hospitality-driven services that aren’t yet available in their current software suites.

These are the findings of a recent survey conducted by Hostfully , a company that helps vacation rental and short-term rental hosts develop digital guidebooks for their guests to use in relation to their stays.

“Vacation rental managers and companies want more bookings and more support with marketing because it’s all about that bottom line,” said David Jacoby, president and co-founder of Hostfully. “They also want to offer more services so they can make even more money, but they don’t have the bandwidth to offer it now, whether it’s a completely outsourced concierge service or a software that lets them manage all these services in house.”

For its report, “The X […]

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