July 22, 2017

UK politicians just slammed the ‘gig economy’

Uber, Deliveroo, Amazon Flex – in the past few years they’ve gone from being basically completely unknown (OK, maybe not Amazon, but everyone else) to being some of the most recognizable businesses around.

But a big new report by UK politicians could force these companies to change the way they operate. The people behind it interviewed lots of people who work for these companies for evidence on how they are as employers. Their conclusion was pretty damning.

The report, created by a group of MPs, says the way these companies operate fails to protect their workers from exploitation, costs the UK loads of money in taxes, and could increase the amount of money the government has to spend on welfare. Ouch. OK, let’s recap – how do these companies work?

By using to connect people who need a service (like a cab) directly with someone who wants to provide that service (like a cab driver), companies like Uber have pretty much revolutionized the way people work. It’s like cutting out the middle-man, Uber says – the app allows the cab drivers to work for themselves, so they no longer need to be employed by cab companies.

Uber argues this system is great […]

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