July 27, 2017

UberRUSH Shuts Down Restaurant Delivery

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Food delivery has long been an excellent idea often limited to the urban dweller, but there have been increasing moves geared toward making that more available, in both more places and from more restaurants than was previously seen.

Uber’s courier arm, UberRUSH, handled such a function for a while, but a recent organizational change is taking food delivery off the table…at least, for UberRUSH.

The reports paint a simple reason for the change: excessive redundancy. Essentially, the drivers handling duties for UberRUSH were part of the standard Uber pool. This meant that, around mealtimes, Uber saw a driver shortage because too many of its regular drivers were handling food courier duties.

Now, reports note, Uber will be devoting the UberEATS pool to food delivery, which means that UberEATS and UberRUSH won’t be cannibalizing the market any further.

UberRUSH, meanwhile, will be more closely detailed to logistics and delivery operations for non-prepared food markets like grocery stores, as well as groups like florists. UberEATS will focus on food going forward.Really, it’s a smart point; why detail the UberRUSH drivers to food delivery when UberEATS is in place? That’s just a drain on the overall driver pool, and one that Uber really can’t afford […]

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