July 27, 2017

Uber vs Careem vs Dubai Taxi – which one is cheapest?

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By Zizolo0ol (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Suffering from cab confusion? Here’s a breakdown of each service’s rates…

Cab-culture is something that is synonymous with Dubai. Whether you don’t have your own car to get to and from work, or are simply looking for a safe and convenient ride to brunch, for a certain segment of the city’s population, cabs are an every day part of life.

For a time, the only option available to residents was hailing an RTA taxi – by no means a bad thing – but in recent years a new crop of tech-focused car-hailing companies have appeared, injecting a healthy amount of competition into the market.

The two major app-powered players, local-heroes Careem and Silicon Valley bigwigs Uber, have recently launched their own low-cost options designed to fall in line with the pricing structure of the RTA’s cabs.

UberX and Careem Go are currently undergoing three-month trials, both publicly and privately, to see if the services are ultimately a benefit to consumers and, we imagine, don’t interfere with the RTA’s services too much.

One thing we have always struggled with, however, is getting to grips with just how much the various services cost compared to one another. To that end we’ve put […]

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