July 25, 2017

Uber proves itself unworthy to lead path on flying cars

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Movies like “Back to The Future Part II” and TV shows such as “The Jetsons” have cemented a view of the future as a place with smart-watches, robot assistants and, of course, flying cars. The modern world abounds with the iconography of the future. We now have access to the sophistication of the Apple Watch and the convenience of vacuum Roombas, but the dream of flying cars has always seemed too distant.

No longer.

Uber announced last Tuesday it plans to bring flying cars — known as their “Uber Elevate Network” — to Dallas-Fort Worth by 2020. Uber’s futuristic fleet is advertised to have vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, and is being built to be as silent as possible to abide by noise pollution rules. Additionally, Uber insists that these air taxis will be economically convenient, marketing their “Uber Elevate Network” as “a cheap alternative to building new roads and expanding public transit.”

To some, the idea of ascending rush hour traffic for a convenient price (this so-called convenient price has yet to be advertised) excites. But this Uber Elevate Network is a horribly bad idea. If flying cars must indeed be our future, Uber, with its lack of adherence to rules, […]

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