June 24, 2017

Uber is looking for a new general counsel amid increasingly dicey legal issues

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Uber has picked an interesting time to be without a general counsel.

The ride-hailing company — which is facing a federal Department of Justice probe , as well as a major lawsuit from Alphabet — has just moved its longtime general counsel, Salle Yoo, out of that role.

Yoo will now become the company’s chief legal officer, according to an email the company sent out. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick wrote that the company plans to search for an external hire to fill the now vacant role.

Given Uber’s myriad of thorny legal issues, along with an ongoing investigation into allegations of pervasive sexism and sexual harassment, that search should be an interesting one for the company to conduct.

It’s not entirely clear from Kalanick’s letter whether Yoo will report to the new general counsel or vice versa, the cause of much speculation inside the company. But it does say that she will be working closely with the company’s human resources head Liane Hornsey to “help drive critical company initiatives like equal pay, increasing diversity in our business, and building a strong cultural foundation for the future of Uber.”

That’s perhaps partly due to her efforts to push for equality and diversity within […]

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