July 22, 2017

Uber ‘is a transport service’, so its EU moves will prove tricky

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Uber. Image: Jeramey Lende/Shutterstock Battling to avoid the term ‘transport company’ since it was originally created in 2009, Uber’s continual dodging may finally come to an end.

Uber’s explosion onto the transport scene this decade has seen it come into conflict in almost every market it has entered.

Comparable to Lyft and MyTaxi, Uber’s software platform allows pretty much anyone to become a form of taxi driver. However, claiming to be far from a taxi company, Uber says that it merely provides a software platform for this type of activity.

This is a similar defence seen in the EU as recently as last month when a seller of ‘ dodgy boxes ’ was finally told his hands weren’t entirely clean when it comes to media piracy.

And just like in that case, Uber could see its entire construct evaluated contrary to its wishes should the EU abide by the words of its highest court’s adviser.

“The Uber electronic platform, whilst innovative, falls within the field of transport: Uber can thus be required to obtain the necessary licences and authorisations under national law,” the European Court of Justice (ECJ) said in a statement seen by Reuters .The Advocate General said Uber drivers “do not pursue […]

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