July 23, 2017

Uber hires Raquel Urtasun to lead a new ATG self-driving unit in Toronto

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Uber is expanding its Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) with a new office in Toronto, headed by local AI researcher Raquel Urtasun, a University of Toronto professor and the Canada Research Chair in Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

Urtasun joins Uber in a senior role at Uber’s ATG, at a time when the organizational unit, which drives most of Uber’s work on autonomous driving, is in need of more stability at the top.

Urtasun’s work on self-driving technology in general, and specifically with perception algorithms that help autonomous vehicles take better measure of their surroundings, have made her an influential figure in the growing self-driving space. She joins a number of other top AI researchers coming out of University of Toronto who have gone on to secure positions of importance at major tech firms; U of T AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton, who heads Google Brain’s Canadian operations, is another.

Uber’s opening of an ATG office in the city also comes with a sizeable contribution to the newly-formed Vector Institute, a new research organization funded by federal and provincial government sources, as well as leading local and international technology companies, like Google , Thalmic Labs and more. Urtasun is a founding member of Vector, […]

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