May 25, 2017

Uber Freight – the Real One – is Finally, Officially Here

man and truck
Copyright: auremar / 123RF Stock Photo

Uber Freight marked the occasion with a re-worked web site featuring an older guy in jeans and classic flannel shirt stepping down from a blue Peterbilt. The driver isn’t climbing down according to the safety rules, but what the hell. The previous Uber Freight web site showed a European truck on a European highway. They’ll get it right eventually.

There are no European highways in the new video on the site. Here’s our guy in flannel and his faithful dog breezing along two-lane blacktop through the prettiest countryside you’ll see and without another vehicle in sight. Then while sitting on the steps of a classic country store, he taps his app on a load from Albuquerque to Pismo Beach. We see the ideal pair in their ideal truck among the painted mesas of New Mexico and then on the California beach where Fido romps in the water. I’d love to know his secret for making money without ever riding an Interstate. If trucking were even remotely like this, everyone would want in.

Eric Berdinis and Bill […]

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