June 28, 2017

Uber Freight makes official debut to simplify the long-haul trucking business

truck on highway
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After teasing us with a photograph of an 18-wheeler truck with the words ‘Uber Freight’ stenciled on its side, the ride-hailing giant is today taking the first step towards overhauling the trucking business. As announced via an official blog post , Uber is planning to simplify the daily routine of hard-working truck drivers by providing them access to the payload at the touch of a button.

That’s exactly where the idea behind Uber Freight fits into the equation. Mastering the art of getting people to hail rides through a mobile app, CEO Travis Kalanick now wants to induce a similar revolution in the trucking ecosystem. The said service was quietly debuted for testing in Texas earlier last year and that’s when we first heard about the company’s plan to enter this market.

Today, Uber Freight has been launched in the form of an app on Android and iOS and holds the power to transform the trucking business from the ground up. It works in a manner similar to the company’s ride-hailing app which matches drivers and riders to ferry them from point A to point B.

The idea here is, however, to accurately match truck drivers with shippers, who’re looking for a […]

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