July 22, 2017

Uber Freight Launches for Owner-Operators, Small Fleets

Large orange modern classic beautiful well maintained semi truck with two straight pipes and white refrigerator trailer on a highway against the backdrop of snow-capped mountain ranges and clear blue sky
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Owner-operators and small fleets can find loads via their mobile devices. Photo: Aether Films, courtesy Uber Freight
With the official launch of Uber Freight, an app that matches trucking companies with loads to haul, Uber is looking to transform the world of freight transport much as it has changed the world of taxis with its ride-sharing app.

After years of other companies trying to offer what are often nicknamed “Uber for trucking” freight-matching services, Uber itself is launching a load-matching app it says will make “logistics and transportation as magical as pressing a button and getting a taxi,” according to Eric Berdinis, product lead for Uber Freight.

Berdinis emphasized in an interview with HDT that Uber Freight will address many of the pain points faced by owner-operators and small fleets (up to about 10 trucks) as they strive to keep up a flow of well-paying loads and keep their trucks moving profitably.

Rumors have swirled about the new service since Uber set up a minimal website for it late last year and hired a number of people from existing brokerage companies. One thing that Uber Freight is not — at least not yet — is shippers using an app to call a […]

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