July 20, 2017

Uber Freight is coming really soon, adds trucking brokerage team to its realm

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After completely altering how taxis operate, y’all should be aware that Uber is now trying to step foot in the long-haul trucking business. When the ride-hailing giant first shared its plans for Uber Freight earlier last year, it disclosed that a full-service brokerage office was operational in Chicago, with another coming up in San Francisco.

A report from Reuters suggests that the company is pushing full-force in this direction, which became evident from the photograph of the massive 18-wheeler truck that was shared by CEO Travis Kalanick last week. It had hired a 5-member team behind a Chicago-based transportation brokerage company called 4Front Logistics in November of last year to set up the aforementioned office.

The ride-hailing giant added the brokerage firm, which helps connects merchants and retailers to truck operators and fleets, to its team without shelling out any capital. Their team is now working with Uber to define how long-haul trucking logistics can be simplified, just like the $68 taxi aggregation business it has built over the years. Though it is only a small team, 4FRont will help the company build capacity in this highly fragmented and cluttered business market of freight brokers.

As stated in an interview earlier, Kalanick […]

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