June 24, 2017

Uber drivers in South Carolina have to break the law to accept tips

Uber driver smiling with passenger in back seat
Image Courtesy of UBER

Whenever Calvin Landers gets in his car to drive for Uber, he puts a few dollars in his cup holder. If anyone asks, he’ll tell them it’s his coffee money, but most people understand it’s a makeshift tip jar.

Landers won’t go so far as to remind them that gratuity isn’t included in their fare or put a sign up, though most of his passengers aren’t in the habit of tipping Uber drivers. He thinks it’s tacky and unprofessional to ask, even though his riders might need a nudge in an Uber that they don’t in a taxicab.

And anyway, he figures, it’s better to keep a low profile: Thanks to a little-noticed provision in state law, it’s illegal in South Carolina for drivers who freelance for the ride-hailing apps Uber and Lyft to accept cash. And since Uber doesn’t allow electronic tips, the only option  […]

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