June 25, 2017

Uber and its rivals are struggling to keep both drivers and riders happy in Lagos

Uber Greenlight Hub. Uber Drivers can get in-person support at a Greenlight Hub II
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It was only a year ago that Uber declared Lagos was potentially bigger than its London market , such was the unleashed pent-up demand for convenient and comfortable rides among the megacity’s fast-growing middle class.

But in recent weeks, the narrative has taken a very different turn as its push to win as many customers as possible in the face of stiffer competition has led to severe clashes with its drivers .

The problems and disputes had been quietly brewing for a long while and point to the difficulty of translating the Uber model to a cutthroat and difficult market like Lagos.

Uber’s Lagos drivers went on strike last month soon after the ride-sharing giant slashed fares by 40%. Uber argued the fare cut “should get more people requesting more rides” but drivers say they are being short-changed by the company. @ronaldnzimora @KoloKennethK @IjeomaOgud @Ruud_bishop @UberNigeria We maintain the car & fuel it. With the 40% cut, we cant even get enough to settle the car owner. Not to talk of our profit. — Lagos Taxify Driver (@LagosUberRide) May 10, 2017 Controversy around revenue-sharing with drivers isn’t unique to Uber Lagos, of course. The ride-sharing giant has dealt with the issue in […]

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